Aka Seka v2.17.0 Mod Apk

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Aka Seka v2.17.0 Mod Apk

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Aka Seka

Aka Seka v2.17.0 Mod Apk “From just one love
This history (monogatari) has begun … …. Akasasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau ”

The stage is a different world where the sun did not rise.
Meet “Tsukuyomi boys” including Takasugi Shinsaku, “Journey to regain the sun” “Japanese fantasy × love” Puzzle RPG!

◆ The beginning of the story
One day suddenly you will land in a different world. The name of the world is “Hinomoto (hinomoto)”
There was a madder color world where the sun did not rise.

“Tukuyomi boys” to meet in a different world – they all had the same name as the great men of Japan.
While searching for a way to return to the former world, as a “shrine maiden of the sun”, to travel with the Tukuyomi boys … ….

◆ Story of love and ties has been enhanced ◆
In addition to the main story depicting a journey to regain the sun, a character story exists for all Tsukuyomi boys. By raising boys’ level you can enjoy each story.
In addition, at the choice of you, the ending of the story and his costume changed … …?

◆ Easy exhilarating match-3 puzzle ◆
Attack with three or more beads of the same attribute! Skill activation is just OK by tapping the character.
Since there is no time limit and the number of times, let’s think carefully and proceed with the best attack!

◆ Super luxury voice actors appearing ◆
It is super super cute cast members who play Tukuyomi boys!
More than 60 people, including Mr. Aoi Shota, Ono Kenjiaki, Ono Yuki, Mr. KenN, Matsuoka Yujiji, who plays the main cast, will perform the main cast!

◆ Introducing Mr. Tsukuyomi traveling with you ◆
Takasugi Shinsaku (CV: KENN)
“In my dictionary, I do not have four letters of Gaman!”

Mori Ranmaru (CV: Shota Aoi)
“Nobunaga will protect you even if you die!”

Prince Shotoku (CV: Matsuoka Sadako)
“Do you think that an excellent man is in the world beyond me?”

Natsume Soseki (CV: Kenji Ono)
“Birds are nice, elegantly the sky …. Ah, I want to eat fried”

Tsunayoshi Tokugawa (CV: Yuki Ono)
“To help people in need, there is no need for reasons.”

Abe Seimei (CV: Kosuke Toriumi)
“Do you still think that this world is beautiful?”

Many Tukuyomi boys with individuality will appear!

Recommended terminals
【Required Environment】 Android OS 4.2 or later
There are some non-compatible terminals including tablets ※

◆ Cast ◆ (in alphabetical order / honorific name omitted)
Aoi Shota / Aoki Yuta / Akabane Kenji / Amasaka Ryohei / Amano Nanura /
Hiromi Igarashi / Mitsuhiro Ichigo / Kazuhiko Inoue / Yuma Uchida / Yuichiro Umehara /
Eguchi Takuya / Aisaka Ryota / Kousuzu Kazuyuki / Ono Kensho / Ono Yuki / Kakihara Tetsuya /
Kaji Yuki / Katayama Kimi / Ken Nishigani / Ryosuke Kanemoto / Subaru Kimura / Ryohei Kimura /
Rie Kugimiya / Kentaro Kumagai / KENN / Yusuke Kobayashi / Takahiro Sakurai / Chiharu Sawashiro /
Shimono Hiroshi / Shirai Yusuke / Aragaki Teruyosuke / Sugita Tomokazu / Suwabe Junichi / Seki Kouji /
Takashi Kengo / Takashi Hiroki / Takeuchi Ryota / Tsuda Kenjiro / Terashima Takuzu / Toyonaga Toshiyuki Toriumi Kosuke / Nagai Shin /
Nakai Kazuya / Nakamura Gozu / Namikawa Daisuke / Nishiyama Kotaro / Nojima Kenji / Hattori Takeo /
Natsuki Hanae / Norihito Bin / Daiki Hamano / Daisuke Hirakawa / Jun Fukushima / Shin Furukawa / Yoshimasa Hosoya /
Tomoaki Maeno / Toshiki Masuda / Sadaji Matsuoka / Toshihisa Murata / Tomoyuki Morikawa / Taku Yatsushiro / Seiichiro Yamashita /
Kenji Yuhara / Tsubasa Kenaga / ROU

◆ Opening song “To your neighbor” ◆
Singing: Tsubasa Sakiyama with cherry blossoms men
Lyrics / composition: blackness arrangement Arrangement: Kousaku Kume
avex trax

◆ Official information ◆
【Official site】
【Official Twitter】
https:// twitter.com/aka_seka
【G – Crest Co., Ltd. – Service Introduction Page】
https:// www.gcrest.com/service/akaseka

◆ ◇. °. Recommended for this person ◇ ◆. °. ◇ ◆
· If you like nice little hands / those who want to be saddened
· Love games for women / girl games / people who like apps
· Romantic novel / people reading comics
· First time to play love games
· One who likes history and Japanese-style motif game
· Those who like to delusive relationships with handsome guys
· Wall dong, those who come and go to chin Kui.
· One who likes voice actor game (full voice, voice)

◆ Notes ◆
· It does not work offline. Please be sure to start up with Internet connection available.
(Data may be damaged)
· When you uninstall the application, all purchased Moon Hwa stones, items, data being played will be deleted.
· Please understand that we can not respond to refund of purchased Moon Hwa Stone.
· For other details please be sure to check “Terms of Service” in the application.
· Please search word “Akaseka” in introduction articles etc. Please refrain from “AKASEKE”.


-Weak Enemies


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